Mammad Gurban oglu Musayev was born in 1955 in Gazakh region of Azerbaijan Republic.

      After the graduation of the school in 1972, with honors diploma completed his education in the National Economy Institute named after D. Bunyat-zadeh in 1976.

     During 1976-1984 he was involved in various responsible positions in the office of the State Bank of Azerbaijan Republic. From 1984 till 1992 years he was head of Garadakh department of the State  Bank, Operational department of the Agro-Industrial Bank and since 1992 the chairman of the Joint-Stock Agro Industrial Bank of the Republic and since 2001 up today he is the Chairman of the Management Board “Aqrarkredit” Joint-Stock Credit Organization

         At present, the  “Aqrarkredit” Joint-Stock Credit Organization is a member of  “International Confederation on Agricultural Lending ” (CİCA), “National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic “(AEC), “Euro-Asian Association on Agricultural Lending”  (EURACA), “International Organization on Agricultural Lending of Pacific Ocean Countries” (APRAKA), “Azerbaijan Banking Association”, “Azerbaijan Micro-financing Association”, “Baku Inter banking Currency  Exchange ”, “Azerbaijan –Turkish Businessmen  Union “ (ATİB) .

     During his activity he successfully implemented lending to entrepreneurs in rural areas for the development of socio-economic situation in regions and at the result of it opening of new job places, the improvement of financial-lending services to the population and applying of modern approaches in this direction.

     Married , has three children.